Steven's Mission

Steven Nelson

Actor, Writer, Acting Coach


Area of emphasis

Television, Film, Commercial Acting


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When I first moved to L.A. I was thrown to the wolves as far as my acting career was concerned.  It was a great way for me to get started. I learned all the do’s and don’ts from various amazing mentors while being lucky enough to steer clear of all the cult-like acting classes that take advantage of it’s students by offering mediocre headshots, demo reels and pointless techniques that have very little to nothing to do with truly raising one's level of acting.  I was blessed to work with actual seasoned acting veterans and learned very early on that one of the most effective ways to understand one’s self as an actor is to take an organic approach.  Learning to access the character within one’s self and then to build up the courage to share that character within the professional mediums of the entertainment industry. Once this awaking took hold things really started to take off for me career wise. I was booking T.V. shows, films and tons of commercials. For years I've mentored actors with both coaching and career path with great success. My goal is to pass on all the information I can conjure up to get my students on the path to understanding that when they can unlock their true organic character. They will then have access to the tools to play any role in any story.